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Naturopathic Postpartum Care

Motherhood is a time of both great joy and big adjustments. Navigating postpartum comes with its own challenges; sleepless nights, lactation and feeding difficulties, bonding with your precious baby, hormonal fluctuations to embracing your post baby bump body etc. Healing takes place on many levels and with the integration of natural modalities, the environment for healing is cultivated. Naturopathic providers partner with their clients to educate and inspire health, wholeness and vitality.​

  • Postpartum Nutrition

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Stress Management

  • Self-care & Mind-Body Exercises

  • Digestive issues

  • Body acceptance

  • Fatigue & Well-being

Lactation Support
  • ​Establishing breastfeeding goals

  • Latch & positioning

  • Milk supply concerns

  • Pump questions

  • Return to work plan

  • Nutritional support

  • Botanical support

Birth Coaching
  • Create your desired birth goals

  • Guidance along your pregnancy journey

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • Embrace motherhood with wonder vs fear

  • Natural support for pregnancy symptoms

  • Maintain healthy emotional balance

  • Create balance & space for self-care


Intuitive Coaching

The journey of transformation is one of introspection integrated with a sense of curiosity and body awareness. Mother's intuition is an innate ability within each of us, and when fine tuned can support the choices we make. It is not something found outside oneself, rather it is the unexplainable voice found within, always present and for our highest good. Intuitive coaching is a core aspect of my work with clients.​​

  • Cultivate mother's intuition 

  • Bond more deeply with your baby

  • Align with joy vs anxiety

  • Grounding exercises for clarity & centering

  • Soften into your feminine essence

  • Create balance & achieve your goals with 

  • Embrace motherhood & be at peace with the unknown

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