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Juliana helped me transform my life in the best of ways. Before coming to see her in the summer of 2015, I was in constant pain dealing with bloating, fatigue, and weight gain. In addition, I was also greatly suffering from body dysmorphia. By working with Juliana I discovered I was intolerant to eggs and dairy, and through a personalized dietary approach my digestive issues began to resolve.

Each unique session with Juliana helped to guide me through my journey with natural medicine, and provided me with the tools cultivate a healthier relationship with my body, food, as well as, to step into my true self in the most pivotal of ways.

Juliana held the space as I learned to develop and trust my intuition, grow in self-confidence, and create a shift in perspective to move in the direction of my goals. I honestly cannot say enough and this would be a book if I could tell you how much she has changed my life. What a blessing it is to have her in my life and in my corner.

   Gabby, CA

I found Juliana in 2015, when I was at my wits end and needed a new direction for my health.  From the medical perspective, I was diagnosed with IBS, which is nothing more than a bucket list description for digestive distress that cannot be pin-pointed to any specific problem or disease.  I experienced daily diarrhea, cramps, and bloating that was sometimes so bad, it caused me to take days off from work.  My mornings were enslaved to my home, where I could run to the bathroom if needed.  I was socially isolated from the ability to meet with friends for brunch, or go on a morning walk/hike; things that I normally love.  I was mentally and financially exhausted from office visits and the medical tests, one after the next, and all coming back negative or “inconclusive”. At this point, I had the smallest spark of hope left in me when I decided to search online for natural solutions.  


In my search I discovered a local Naturopathic Clinic and scheduled my first appointment with Juliana. During my first appointment, I found Juliana to be warm and understanding  as she invited me to tell her about my past experiences, what I was currently going through, and what I had tried previously. As the conversation continued Juliana intuitively began to formulate a roadmap, knowing how much I’d be willing to change my lifestyle in order to find healing.  I felt as though I had finally been heard and understood, and the glimmer of hope I had grasped onto began to metamorphose into rays of sunshine and optimism.  We started with a look into potential nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within my microbiome. From there I was guided through a personalized gut restoration process that included dietary changes. I began to noticed the calming of my digestive issues significantly. After a few weeks, we shifted into the re-building of my microbiome which included targeted supplements, and continued exploration of intuitive eating (did take some trial and error for me).  As I became untethered to the bathroom every morning with the elimination of abdominal bloat/cramps we began to shift into a maintenance phase, which is where I am at now.  


To this day I can say that I wake up each morning having regular bowel movements, and the option to go on a morning walk/hike without fear.  I have a go-to list of foods that feel good in my body, and a variety of recipes that keep me balanced. As for those triggering foods Juliana helped me identify along the way, I can now enjoy them in healthy moderation. I have learned that health and healing is a dance, and one the includes consistent care of body, mind and spirit through mindful choices. Juliana continues to check in with me from time to time to help me recognize and stay ahead of potential pitfalls. I am eternally grateful to Juliana for helping me restore my body back to health and balance through kind guidance accompanied with attentiveness, knowledge, practical tools, and her ability to intuitively ask the deeper questions to reveal undiscovered issues that may be holistically in my way of success. I recommend Juliana to anyone!  

Sara, CA

Working with Juliana was such a delight! She was able to really tune into my needs and make lasting suggestions that have improved my overall energy and mood. I would definitely recommend working with Juliana if you are in need of a little tune up and, to embrace living a more balanced life.

Alisa, CO

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